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All Measurements Approximate
Hand-Sculpted Pieces
Sun & Mesa Moon cylinder (4.75" wide x 6.5" high) Wind Chime (6"wx20"h) Chimeless Windchime (8"w"x13"h) Christmas Angel (11.5"hx6.5"wx4.5"d)
Cylinder Cylinder
Wind Chime Wind Chime

Original Concept & Design by Ken

Christmas angel, full

 Christmas Angel, inside
Leaf Plate (9.5"x8.5"x3") Plate, Braided Handles (12.75"x9") Plate, Through Handles (14"x9.75")
PlatePlate Plate Plate
Bowl (3.5"wx1.5h"; 2 oz./75ml) Bowl (4.5"wx1.5"h; 3 oz./100ml) Bowl, Scalloped Rim (5"w x 2.25"h; 8 oz./225ml) Bowl, Cliffy (5"wx1-5/8"h, 7 oz/200ml)
Bowl 4-inch
Bowl scallop edge Bowl scalloped top
Bowl, Cliffy front Bowl, Cliffy top
Garlic Bowl (5"w x 4"h x 2-1/4" deep; 12 oz/400ml) Heart Bowl Cylinder, GrekoRoman (5.5"wx7.75"h, unglazed)
Bowl, Garlic, front Bowl, Garlic inside
(Note: Lid fits very loosely.)
(Being Glazed) Cylinder, GrekoRoman
Tea Mug (3.25"w x 2.5"h, 4 oz.) Handle-less Handle-less with ridge
Tea mug, front Tea mug, top (Being Glazed) (Being Glazed)
One-Off Show Pieces (to be retained)
Desk Clock (5.5:w x 6"h x 2.75"d) Wall Clock (12.5") Walking-Bird Plate (9.5"wx8.5:hx2.5"d)
Desk clock front Desk clock side view

Designed and Sculpted by Ken.

Wall clock front Wall clock side

Designed and Sculpted by Ken.

Walking Bird, top

Original Glaze Design by Ken.

Walking-Bird side


More About These Pieces

The pieces were made at the the Sun City Clay Club, Arizona. A better group of happy and helpful clayfolk would be hard to find.

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