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“What your owner’s manual should have told you… but didn’t!”


Welcome to the Korg 01/W wing of the Cliff Canyon web site. This 01 section has two purposes: to provide an on-line information resource, and to promote a book. The on-line resource is intended to supplement the book. It was built based on questions that show up on the web, or that are sent to the book’s author. If there is a topic you’d like covered, please e-mail questions or comments to the author.

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  • How To Use Your Korg 01/W 
    (an on-line, hypertext guide) 
    Dozens of pages describing how your 01/W works, FAQs, application notes, and more.

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    A “How-To” reference for owners of the Korg model 01/W music synthesizer that covers more than just drums. Organized much like the 01/W itself, the manual starts with the basic Drum Sounds, works them into Programs, then Programs into Combinations. Drum Kits are shown on keyboard drawings. Heavily illustrated with more than 40 tables, 25 figures, block diagrams, and worksheets. Includes appendix, glossary, references and index. This book:

    Spiral Binding to lay flat for easiest use while playing your synth!

    Lays flat to easily see two pages:

    Korg 01/W Percussion Manual open to 2 pages


    or folds back on itself to one page:

    Korg 01/W Percussion Manual open to 1 page


    The page above is a Keyboard View for Drum Kit A1, which includes these details:

    Keyboard View example


    Note: Web sites come and go, but a book lasts a lifetime. We believe this is the only book still available on the 01 and it will not be reprinted after all the current copies are sold.

    Copyright 1997
    8.5" x 11", 160 pages, wire-bound, with printed spine
    ISBN: 0-9653254-0-7
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    Ask The Author!

    Ken Westover, author of the 01/W Percussion Manual, welcomes your questions. You can ask anything, not just about percussion, and he'll try to get you an answer. Just e-mail Ken through his publisher's address. Click to e-mail a question to the author.