Ken’s Jukebox: Mist Romances Collection

Mist Romances cover
Original cassette J-card cover, circa 1999.

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Song List with Details and Status

Song List
# Name Type of Song Best heard… Time Images Tempo Lyrics Revised
1 The Likes Of You Rock, country-ish when you need an energy boost 2:49 few 128 yes 20Oct22
2 Love Blisters Aerobic rock upbeat with a twinge 4:05 no 121 yes 19Apr06
3 The Shores Of Lumbar Slow, a bit melancholy, but rhythmic evening 4:35 no 97 yes 19Apr07
4 Blind Date Island rhythmic latin dance? 3:48 no 115 yes 19Apr06
5 Turn Around (And Go Your Way) Acerbic rock rarely ever 1:44 no 132 yes 19Apr06
6 The Loveliest View Island sway romantic evening 3:43 no 92 yes 19Apr06
7 Clouds, You And Me Light pop any time for a smile 1:41 few 115 yes 19Apr06
8 P.S. To You Acoustic when feeling reflective 2:54 few 65 yes 19Apr10
9 Closer Instrumental romantic evening 3:48 no 90 no 19Apr06
10 Open Stages Rock Night driving to a gig 3:48 no yes 20Oct23

This is a collection of demo songs written and recorded by Ken Westover (me) in the 1990s. All were tape-recorded in a room in his home by him with no assistance. The demos were like auditions, to find other musicians or artists who shared my taste and level of ability. [more about the recordings are here]

Audio: The analog (cassette) tapes were converted to mp3 format and made available here.

Lyrics: Lyrics are available through the link in the “Lyrics” column in the table. I also made karaoke-like “videos” where the words appear as they are being sung.

Videos: I plan to add images as I find them and figure out how to put them up. None of the songs have complete videos yet; a few have drop-in images.

Players: There are separate players for audio and video material. The audio is the same for both. Note: The players do not automatically rewind after playing.

Ken’s Jukebox: Mist Romances

Mist Romances Songs
The Likes Of You   Jukebox Layout Open Stages

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Love Blisters The Shores Of Lumbar Blind Date Turn Around (And Go Your Way)
The Loveliest View Clouds, You & Me P.S. To You Closer
Cover of 'Clouds, You And Me'

(Instrumental – no lyrics video)


More about these recordings

Twenty-Some years after recording them I blew the dust off the tapes, and figured out how to put them up on the web.

The audio is locked-in since I no longer have access to the gear, just old, hissy tapes. But I still like the songs. After all this time, maybe someone else will as well.

Lyrics are a different story. I could print them on-screen, but something is lost when when the words are separated from the music. So I am working on karaoke-like “video”s, where the lyrics appear with the vocals, lead and backing.

Since most of the songs tell little stories, adding images will be the next step. But making such “videos” will be an ongoing process as I work out storyboards and learn how to use the tools. (All songs have registered copyrights, so if you’d like to license them as soundtracks for your own videos, contact me.)

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