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XSC-1S: Best of M&T

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Best of M&T  XSC-1S Card Set 
  XSC-801 PWM Multi-Sounds 
  XSC-801 PWM Drum Sounds 
  XPC-01 Programs  
  XPC-01 Combinations 
  XPC-01 Sequences

Best of M&T
XSC-1S (XSC-801 + XPC-01)
Korg sold a PCM Card set called "Best of M&T". (click here for details about PCM cards). This XSC-1S set came with a PCM Card (XSC-801) and Prog/Combi Card (XPC-01). As the sales literature said:
"This set features a PCM card with 37 multisounds and 24 drum sounds, plus a program/combination card, that reproduces some of the sounds of Korg's M and T series workstations, such as koto tremolo (#34, Koto Trem), the fantasy-like Magic Ring (#57), and the popular Magic Organ (program #10)." 
Detailed lists of the card contents has been compiled from sales literature, and card literature sent by John Rogers.
User Comments:
"Has some very good sounds, would make an M or T series user smile. Some of the patches/multisounds are the same name as some of the M & T series. Good drum sounds, has some nice kicks." (2002Jul31, John Rogers)

"If you want that TR-909 Bass kick, the two cards I know that have it are the 'Best of M & T' and the 'Dance'." (99Jan18)

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XSC-801 Card

XSC-801 PCM: Multi-Sounds
C00  Clav From the M3R. High range is more emphasized than original
C01  Harpsicord A bright harpsicord sound. Good for classical baroque style, ect.
C02  Organ 1 Multi purpose organ sound. Made with 8' and 4' draw-bar.
C03  MagicOrgan Sparkling organ sound from the M1
C04  Guitar 1 Multisound of gut guitar. Harmonics in upper range from G5 
C05  Guitar 2 Multisound of folk guitar.
C06  A. Bass Acoustic bass with sharp attack.
C07 Pick Bass Electric bass with hard picking.
C08 Slap Bass Thumb slapped electric bass sound.
C09 SynthBass2 Bright synth bass with slight resonance.
C10 MuteTP Muted trumpet. Mid-high range is really impressive.
C11 TubaFlugel Tobahorn on lower range and Flugelhorn on upper range.
C12 DoubleReed Multisound from KORG M1 which is multisample of Oboe+Bassoon
C13 Koto Trem One of mose distinctive sounds.
C14 WindBells Looping bell sound from KORG M1. Gives a special flavor in programs/combinations
C15 FingerSnap Very famous finger snap sound. It is often used in commercials, etc.
C16 Drop Sampling session with the first raindrop in spring.
C17 MetalHit Heavy and hard hitting metal sticks.
C18 E.Guitar 2 E.Guitar multisound from KORG T series.
C19 E.Bass 2 Finger picked bass.
C20 RoundBass Soft E.Bass.  Good for Jazz style, etc. 
C21 Harp Harp with sharper attack than internal PCM
C22 Koto Single sampled tone of Japanese Koto.
C23 PickPiano Picked piano strings. Originally from KORG T series.
C24 Stick Percussive sound like a guitar hammering on.
C25 Marimba Marimba with sharper attack than internal PCM.
C26 PotCovers Deep metalic sound. Good for SFX, etc.
C27 ToyPiano The sound is toy piano but you can play Beethoven.
C28 Bellsynth A good blend of bell and soft synth sound. Originally from KORG T series.
C29 Vocoder Synthchorus, vocoder effect.
C30 Strings 3 Analog strings from Korg T series.
C31 Trombone Realitic trombone sound. Use with pitch bend.
C32 FrenchHorn Sampled frenchhorn from KORG T series.
C33 ClangHit Sounds like a cymbal splash.
C34 Choriana A beautiful synth chorus with a slight high metallic sound added.
C35 BellHit Industrial bell sound.
C36 PianoPad The sound indespensable to counstruct "PianoHeaven", one of the most used combinations from KORG T series.
Note: The above text is based on "exact text on insert". 
I may have made minor edits to aid readability.
XSC-801 PCM: Drum Sounds
C00  Kick 1 C05  Snare 1 C10  Ambient SD C15  Rap C20  Bell Hit 
C01  Kick 2 C06  Snare 2  C11  Synth SD C16  Whip C21  Techno Zap
C02  Tight BD C07  Snare 3 C12  Closed HH3  C17  Drop C22  Pot Cover
C03  Punch BD C08  Snare 4 C13  Open HH3 C18  Metal Hit C23  Cymbell
C04  Synth BD C09  Pro SD 2 C14  E. Tom C19  Clang Hit
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XPC-01 Card

XPC-01 Programs
00* Aeroglide  JS  
01  Piano 16'  JS 
02  Brass 1 M1 JS 
03  Ooh/Ahh    JS 
04* Guitar 1   JS 
05* Marimba    JS 
06* Super Slap JS 
07* Softstring JS 
08  Soft Pad   JS 
09  Drums #1   JS 
10* MagicOrgan JS 
11* Super E.P. JS 
12  Trumpet M1 JS 
13* I Saw Wind JS 
14* 12-String  JS 
15* WindBells  JS 
16* E.Bass 2   JS 
17* Super Pizz JS 
18* Palamine   JS 
19* Thunder    JS 
20* Pasqualina JS 
21* PadPianoT1 JS  
22* DoubleReed JS 
23  Choir      JS 
24  Guitar 2   JS 
25* Pot Covers JS 
26* PickBassM1 JS 
27  Stringorch JS 
28* BellSynth1 JS 
29  Pan Drops  JS 
30  Pan Mallet JS 
31* Organ 2    JS 
32* TubaFlugel JS
33* Vocoder    JS 
34* Koto Trem  JS 
35* Toy Piano  JS 
36* A.Bass M1  JS 
37* Pizzicato  JS 
38* Pad World  JS 
39  Soft Pole  JS 
40  Night Dad  JS 
41  Hard E.P.  JS 
42* TromboneT1 JS 
43* Choriana   JS 
44* E.Guitar 2 JS 
45  Kalimba    JS 
46* SlapBassM1 JS 
47* Harp       JS 
48  EFX World  JS 
49  Modern Pad JS 
50  Lore       JS 
51* Harpsicord JS 
52* FrenchHorn JS 
53  Analogpad1 JS 
54* Fingerpick JS 
55  Gamelan T1 JS 
56* Stick Bass JS 
57* Magic Ring JS 
58  PickGuitar JS 
59  Digi-Dream JS 
60  Fantasy    JS 
61* Clav 1 M1  JS 
62  Solo Sax   JS 
63  Voices     JS 
64* Chorus Gtr JS 
65  Music Box  JS
66* Round Bass JS  
67  ASpectrum1 JS 
68  DistGuitar JS 
69  Isis       JS 
70  Bag Pipe   JS 
71  Perc.Organ JS 
72  SoftHornsM JS 
73  Sensitive  JS 
74  Power Bass JS 
75  Steam T1   JS 
76* Roto-Bass  JS 
77  GlassAngel JS 
78  Dreampad 2 JS 
79* Harmaniac  JS 
80  Cloud Nine JS 
81  Soft E.P.  JS 
82* MuteTrp.M1 JS 
83  Vox Voice  JS 
84* Koto T1    JS 
85* WS Pans    JS 
86  FretlessM1 JS 
87* Claviwire  JS 
88* Piano2  8' JS 
89  Spelunker  JS 
90* Steamsynth JS 
91* Clavinet   JS 
92* AltoSax T1 JS 
93* TenorSaxM1 JS 
94* Van Guitar JS 
95* Its A Snap JS 
96* Pick-Piano JS 
97  Digi Rezz  JS 
98  Pipeorgan1 JS 
99  The Shaper JS
* = Indicates Program uses XPC-01 PCM Card
Effect Dynamic Modulation Control Source: JS=Joystick
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 XPC-01 Card

XPC-01 Combinations
00 CosmicRain JS 
01 PianoHaven JS 
02 Safe Sax   JS 
03 Ladies     JS 
04 KillerBass JS 
05 Vivaldi    JS 
06 SonicSplit JS 
07 TheStrings JS 
08 Willow     JS 
09 BowedSteel JS 
10 SteamBells JS 
11 TyneTime   JS 
12 Valves     JS 
13 FullPipeT1 JS 
14 Tonight    JS 
15 OrchestraT JS 
16 JazzHits!! JS 
17 Superior   JS 
18 Bell Pad   JS 
19 One World  JS 
20 Jason Pad  JS 
21 GrandPiano JS 
22 Horns&Bone JS 
23 SynVoices  JS 
24 Jaco Bass  JS 
25 Symphony   JS 
26 JamSession JS 
27 HarpString JS 
28 DreamAfter JS 
29 HyperSpace JS 
30 Kryptonite JS 
31 Velo-Road  JS 
32 2-Saxes    JS
33 Soft Pipe  JS 
34 Stick Pals JS 
35 Sonata     JS 
36 Big Band   JS 
37 VeloString JS 
38 Dream Pad  JS 
39 PitchPerc. JS 
40 NewGalaxy  JS 
41 2 Pianos   JS 
42 Brass Band JS 
43 VoiceChoir JS 
44 Velo-Bass  JS 
45 OrcSwitchT JS 
46 ReedEnsemb JS 
47 StringPizz JS 
48 Dusty*Sax  JS 
49 Jokali     JS 
50 Going Up?  JS 
51 Catwatchin JS 
52 MutedHorns JS 
53 MediumPipe JS 
54 Bass & Gtr JS 
55 StringStak JS 
56 RokBaroque JS 
57 HornString JS 
58 Fifth Plus JS 
59 SpellBound JS 
60 Nightime   JS 
61 Piano&Strg JS 
62 AirHorns   JS 
63 AirVoices  JS 
64 Stick*Pick JS 
65 Quintet    JS
66 Attack Syn JS 
67 AiryString JS 
68 Ice Pipes  JS 
69 PluckMetal JS 
70 Rebirth    JS 
71 70's Piano JS 
72 StaxSectn. JS 
73 OrganChoir JS 
74 Clavs      JS 
75 PipeString JS 
76 SnappedPad JS 
77 Divisi     JS 
78 WindSong   JS 
79 Cumulus    JS 
80 Breath Pad JS 
81 SweetTynes JS 
82 Brass&Pans JS 
83 MetalVoice JS 
84 Rock&Roll  JS 
85 PizzStrPad JS 
86 MagicPiano JS 
87 BellString JS 
88 Synbiotica JS 
89 Pad-O-Rama JS 
90 MysticMist JS 
91 Bass&Piano JS 
92 Attack Sax JS 
93 Sparkles   JS 
94 Bass&Organ JS 
95 LowFootage JS 
96 Tube Storm JS 
97 Clavisynth JS 
98 Tines Pad  JS 
99 Drone Zone JS
All Combis use the XPC-01 PCM Card.
Effect Dynamic Modulation Control Source: JS=Joystick
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XPC-01 Card

XPC-01 Sequences
Demo Song D0 "Power"

All Data Produced by Manny Fernandez of Digital Design Synthesis

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