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XSC-2S: Orchestral

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Orchestral  XSC-2S Card Set 
  XSC-802 PWM Multi-Sounds 
  XSC-802 PWM Drum Sounds 
  XPC-02 Programs  
  XPC-02 Combinations 
  XPC-02 Sequences

XSC-2S Orchestral Card Set
XSC-2S (XSC-802 + XPC-02)
Korg sold a PCM Card set called "Orchestral". (click here for details about PCM cards). This XSC-2S set came with a PCM Card (XSC-802) and Prog/Combi Card (XPC-02). As the sales literature said:
"This unique set of data cards features a PCM card with 23 multisounds reproducing a wide variety of orchestral instruments, plus 14 drum sounds that include various orchestral percussion and sound effects. This is a solid collection of material for orchestration and sound effect applications." 
Detailed lists of the card contents has been compiled from sales literature, and card literature sent by John Rogers.
User Comments:
"Puts some more  brass samples that the 01/W needs, I love the solostrings sample, the flutes and other sounds are really good, all around nice sounds on this card.  Has some nice patches in this set as well." (2002Jul31, John Rogers)
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XSC-802 Card

XSC-802 PCM: Multi-Sounds
C00  SoloStrings Three different solo strings are included: Contra Bass (C1 - D#2), Cello(E2 - C#4), Violin(D4 - E7). The Loop contains the strings natural vibrato.
C01  Viola Multisample Viola Sound.
C02  Solo Pizz Solo Violin Pizzicato.
C03  OC-Trumpet Multisampled Trumpet Sound. Good to use with internal Sounds and make various brass ensembles.
C04  OC-Tombone Multisampled Trombone Sound. Good to use with internal Sounds and make various brass ensembles.
C05  Wah Tromb Muted Trombone Wah.
C06  FrenchHorn Multisampled French Horn.
C07 TrumpetEns Good for fanfare.
C08 OC-Flute Orchestral Flute Sound with breath noise.
C09 Breath Beath noise only. Good for use with brass/wind instrument sounds in sequencer for a more real playing style.
C10 OC-Marimba Hard attack Marimba sound.
C11 Glocken Multisampled Glockenspiel sound.
C12 OC-OrcCrsh Orchestral Crash Cymbal sound.
C13 Choke Cym Cymbal Sound. For marking time.
C14 ChokeSymNT Non-transposed Choke Cymbal.
C15 Orch B.Drm Orchestral Bass Drum sound.
C16 Timp Roll Timpano Roll sound. Sound assigned from C-1 to C5.
C17 Cast Roll Castanet Roll Sound. (Roll of internal castanet sound.)
C18 CastRollNT Transposed Castanet Roll.
C19 Harp Up Upward Glissando of Harp Sound.
C20 Harp Down Downward Glissando of Harp Sound.
C21 Harp Mix Downward Harp Glissando is assigned from G4 down and
Upward Harp Glissando is assigned from G#4 up.
C22 OC-OrchHit Major chord Orchestra Hit.
Note: The above text is based on "exact text on insert".
I've made minor edits to aid readability.
XSC-802 PCM: Drum Sounds
C00  OC-OrchHit C03  Choke Cym C06  Cast Roll C09  Marimba 3  C12  Harp Up
C01  Orch B. Drum C04  Breath C07  Marimba 1 C10  Glocken 1 C13  Harp Down
C02  OC-OrchCrsh C05  Timp Roll C08  Marimba 2 C11  Glocken 2
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XPC-02 Card

XPC-02 Programs
00* StormFront 
01  MezzoPiano 
02* Hall Brass JS/SL 
03* SoloString SL 
04* Up & Down  JS/SL 
05* Glockenspl JS/SL 
06* SilvrFlute 
07* StereoStr  JS/SL 
08* OCTrombone JS/SL 
09* SFX&Stuff  JS/SL 
10* IonTorpedo 
11* StereoKeys JS/SL 
12* TrumpetEns JS/SL/AT 
13* SweetStrng SL 
14* HarpGlisUp JS/SL 
15* NewMarimba JS  
16* Piccolos 
17  StringEns. 
18* WaTrombone SL 
19* KettleDrum JS/SL 
20  Armageddon 
21  SmallPipes 
22  BrassHorns 
23* Violin     VDA 
24* HarpGlisDn JS/SL 
25* CymblRolls 
26* Oboe       SL/VDA 
27  Wide Arco 
28* OrcTrumpet SL/ 
29* Timp Rolls JS/SL 
30  Lore 
31  Harpsicord 
32  Brass Sect 
33* Viola      AT 
34* Lap Steel  JS/SL 
35* Orch Vibes 
36  Bassoon 
37  ArcoString 
38* OrchFrHorn SL 
39* OrchCrash 
40* TheBig"O" 
41* Celeste 
42* Fr.Horns 
43* FeelTheBow SL 
44  Deep Harp 
45* Orch Bells JS/SL 
46  EnglishHrn 
47* Mega Pizz  JS/SL 
48  Trumpet 
49* BassDrum 
50* Bugs       JS/SL 
51  TheCircus 
52* The Brass  SL 
53* StereoSilk 
54* Harp Pluck JS/SL 
55* ChurchBell JS/SL 
56  EbClarinet 
57  Pizz Pals 
58* RudeTrombn SL/AT  
59* ThunderSht JS/SL 
60* Birds      JS/SL 
61* GirlsChoir SL 
62* TrmptBrass JS/SL/AT 
63* ContraBass JS/SL  
64* SlowHarps  JS/SL 
65* Velo Gong 
66* ToyFlute 
67* ViolinEns. 
68  TrumptMute  
69* Orch Hit 1 SL 
70* RotaryBelz JS/SL 
71  Men&Boys 
72* SFZ Horns  JS/SL 
73* SoloPizz 
74  SpanishGt.  
75  Wind Gong 
76* Baritone   SL 
77* Viola Ens.  
78* TrombnMute JS 
79* Orch Hit 2 JS/SL/VDA 
80* Fluttering SL 
81* The Chorus JS/SL 
82  SFZ Muted 
83* TheQuartet SL 
84* GutStrings JS 
85* TempleBlok JS/SL 
86* SaxEnsmble AT  
87* Cello Ens. JS/SL 
88  Blatman 
89* OctaveEXCL JS/SL 
90* 1812Cannon JS/SL 
91* ChurchPipe AT 
92* Orch Horns 
93* ChamberPot SL 
94* ISawAngels 
95* Xylophone 
96* SuperFlute 
97* AnaStrings JS/SL 
98* BriteBrass SL 
99* Castanets  JS/SL
* = Indicates Program uses PCM Card
Effect Dynamic Modulation Control Source:
JS-Joystick, AT-After Touch. SL-Value Slider, VDA=VDA EG, PD=Foot Pedal
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 XPC-02 Card

XPC-02 Combinations
00 Cinemesque JS/SL 
01 Gandioso   JS/SL 
02 BrassUpThe SL 
03 SprinSong  VDA 
04 The Movies VDA 
05 WoodsOctvs SL  
06 PianoSuite SL/VDA 
07 Sweet Bows JS/SL 
08 SousaLives SL 
09 SugarPlums JS/SL 
10 Obligato   SL/VDA 
11 Mighty Hit JS/SL 
12 TheFanfare JS/SL 
13 In Avalon  SL  
14 Cathedral  SL 
15 Reeds&Bows SL 
16 DblHarpsi  SL 
17 Velo Piss  SL 
18 ModernOrch SL 
19 Split Perc SL 
20 Ion Storm  JS/SL 
21 Tchaikvsky SL 
22 The Scoop  SL 
23 NylonSuite SL/VDA 
24 Madrigal   SL 
25 Small Orch SL 
26 Ensembled  SL/VDA 
27 Agitato    JS/SL 
28 Jom&Terry  SL 
29 RiteOfFall JS/SL 
30 Lorchestra SL 
31 Orchestra1 JS/SL 
32 FrHrn/Orch SL
33 Dolcissimo SL 
34 OfTheOpera JS/SL 
35 Sonata     SL 
36 Minuet     SL 
37 PizzMix    JS/SL 
38 Intervalic VDA 
39 Cineramic  JS/SL 
40 HeavenSent SL 
41 1812Overtr SL 
42 Horn Layer JS/SL 
43 NylonFlute JS/SL/VDA 
44 Everyone   JS/SL 
45 Ensemble 1 SL 
46 Piano&Strg SL 
47 Divisi     JS/SL 
48 Stage Band JS/SL 
49 Tristament JS/SL 
50 RainSeason JS/SL 
51 Orchestra2 JS/SL 
52 TptUpClose SL 
53 HarpString JS/SL/VDA 
54 Requiem    SL 
55 Recorders  JS/SL 
56 Piano/Orch SL 
57 SoloPluck  SL 
58 MusicChair SL 
59 Hits&Bells JS/SL 
60 Magic Harp SL 
61 PiccoloOrc SL 
62 Gladiators SL 
63 SafeHarbor SL 
64 Corrolers  SL 
65 Ensemble 2 JS/SL/VDA
66 Grans H.C. SL 
67 KingString SL 
68 Solo/Orch  SL 
69 LogMarimba JS 
70 {7}{9}{11} JS/SL 
71 Orchestra3 SL 
72 Tpts&Bones SL/AT 
73 Harp&Reeds JS/SL 
74 Register   SL 
75 The Reeds  SL 
76 PasDeDeux  SL 
77 OctavePizz JS/SL 
78 TempleOfRa JS/SL 
79 StringVibe JS/SL 
80 LostForest JS 
81 Orchestra4 SL 
82 Mutiny     JS/SL 
83 Harp&Flute SL 
84 Chorale    JS/SL 
85 Ensemble 3 SL 
86 RoundTable SL/VDA 
87 Expression JS/SL 
88 The Savoy  SL 
89 Triple SFX SL 
90 NylonDream JS/SL 
91 Orch Man   SL 
92 RegalBrass SL 
93 Classical  SL/VDA 
94 Procession SL 
95 InTheTaj   SL 
96 GrandPiano SL 
97 Sectioned  SL/VDA 
98 RiddleOrch SL 
99 PercSplit  JS
All Combis use the XPC-02 PCM Card.
Effect Dynamic Modulation Control Source:
JS-Joystick, AT-After Touch. SL-Value Slider, VDA=VDA EG, PD=Foot Pedal
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XPC-02 Card

XPC-02 Sequences
Demo song "Tooning Up" performed by Stephen Kay

All Data Produced by Stephen Kay of Techisound Inc. and Jack Hotop.

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Copyright ©2002 by Ken Westover at Cliff Canyon Publishing Co. All rights reserved.
This material may not be distributed without the written permission of the author.
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