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XSC-6S: Ethnic

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Ethnic  XSC-6S Card Set 
  XSC-806 PWM Multi-Sounds 
  XSC-806 PWM Drum Sounds 
  XPC-06 Programs  
  XPC-06 Combinations 
  XPC-06 Sequences

XSC-6S (XSC-806 + XPC-06)
Korg sold a PCM Card set called "Ethnic". (click here for details about PCM cards). This XSC-6S set came with a PCM Card (XSC-806) and Prog/Combi Card (XPC-06). As the sales literature said:
"The XSC-6S card contains ethnic sounds not in internal memory such as traditional Japanese instruments. There is a wide range of ethnic instruments; for example, Shakuhachi, Koto, Taiko, Tsutsumi, Sitar and Santur. In particular, the sounds of Sitar and Santur are excellent. The drum kits also contain unique ethnic sounds." 
Detailed lists of the card contents has been compiled from sales literature, and PCM card literature sent by John Rogers. [2002Oct]

User Comments
"Great, eastern instruments, the Sitars are really spectacular as are the tamburas, santurs, and kotos.  This is a really great set. Some nice percussion too." (2002Jul31, John Rogers)

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XSC-806 Card

XSC-806 PCM: Multi-Sounds
Koto 1 
Koto 1 LP 
Koto 2 
Koto 2 LP
Japanese traditional long zither. 
Middle range of Koto 2 is more characteristic than Koto 1.
Santur LP
Indian fold zither
Sitar 1 
Sitar 1 LP 
Sitar 2 
Sitar 2 LP 
Sitar 3 
Sitar 4 
Sitar 4 LP
Indian fold lute, Sitar, (C06-C12)
Tambura LP
The classical drone strings from India.
Tambura assigned from G4 down and Sitar4 is assigned from G#4 up
C17 Uood Folk lute from Mid-East
C18 Mandlin Trem Multisample Mandolin trem
C19 Koto Gliss Multisampled Koto Glissando
C20 Jung Gliss Multisample Jung Glissando, Jung is Chinese long zither. 
The same range from Bb3 up is repeated from Bb5 up.
C21 Dbl Gliss Koto Gliss is assigned from G4 down and Jung Gliss G#4 up.
C22 CeramicDrm Clay Drum stretched skin over the mouth of ceramic vessel filled with water.
Kalimba 1 
Kalimba 2
C25 Bamboo Sampled Indonesian bamboo xylophone.
C26 Steel Drum Samples Steel Drum from West Indian Islands.
C27 Gendar Metalic xylophone from Southeastern Asia. 
Used to elaborate the gamelan melody.
C28 Shouko Small bronze gong used in the Japanese Gagaku  ensemble (NT/C6 up).
C29 FingCymbal A pair of small cymbals clicked in one hand.
Bell Noise
Noise element of Bell Sample. 
Good for mixing with Sine Wave(NT/C6 up).
Windbell 1 
(NT/C7)  (C32-C33) 
Looping Tree Chimes(NT/C7up).  (C32-C33)
C34 Bell Loop Looping Hand Bell (NT/C6up)
Mallet Loop 
Mallet LP NT
Rhythm pattern of wooden percussion.
Shakuhachi 1 
Shaku 1 LP 1 
Shaku 1 LP 2 
Shakuhachi 2
Sampled Japanes bamboo flute (C37-C39). 
C38, C39 are Shakuhachi with slow attack. 

Shakuhachi2 is Shakuhachi with pitch bend.

C41 Quanz The wind instrument came throught the silk road.
C42 Bendir Arabian Tambourine with Snare.
Tambourin 1 
Tambourin 2
Looped Tambourine. 
The same range from D2 up is repeated from D5 up.
Tabla 1 
Tabla 2 
Tabla 3 
Tabla 3 8va 
Tabla 4 
Tabla 4 8va 
Tabla 5 
Tabla 5-1 
Tabla 5-2
Popular drum sound from India (C45-C44). 
C52 is the first waveform only from Tabla 4.
Bhaya 1 
Bhaya 1 8va 
Bhaya 2 
Bhaya 3
Indian instruments. Usually Bhaya and Tabla make a pair.
C58 Conga Muse Multisampled Conga muse.
Taiko 1 
Taiko 2
Japanese big drum.
Tsutsumi 1 
Tsutsumi 2
Japanese small waisted drum. Used in Noh and Kabuki.
C63 Vibraslap Modern percussion. 
Often used instead of Quijada, the Cuban percussion (NT/B5 up).
Rhythm NT
Another rhythm pattern of wooden percussion.
Note: The above text is based on "exact text on insert". 
I may have made minor edits to aid readability.
 LP=  Assigned Loop part only.
8va= Assigned 1 octave higher than original multisound
NT=  Non-transposed sound.
XSC-806 PCM: Drum Sounds
C00  Tabla 1 
C01  Tabla 2 
C02  Tabla 3 
C03  Tabla 4 
C04  Tabla 5 
C05  Bhaya 1 
C06  Bhaya 2 
C07  Bhaya 3 
C08  Taiko 1
C09  Taiko 2 
C10  Tsuzumi 1 
C11  Tsuzumi 2 
C12  Mokugyo 
C13  Cuica 1 
C14  Cuica 2 
C15  Cuica 3 
C16  Cuica 4 
C17  Cuica 5
C18  CongaMuse 
C19  Guiro 
C20  Vibraslap 
C21  Rhythm 
C22  Whistle 
C23  Goto Gliss 
C24  Jung Gliss 
C25  Bamboo 1 
C26  Bamboo 2
C27  Bamboo 3 
C28  SteelDrum1 
C29  SteelDrum2 
C30  Grendar 1 
C31  Grendar 2 
C32  Grendar 3 
C33  Shouko 1 
C34  Shouko 2 
C35  FingCymbal
C36  Bell Noise 
C37  Windbell 1 
C38  Bell Loop 
C39  MalletLoop 
C40  Bendir 
C41  Tambourin1 
C42  Tambourin2
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XPC-06 Card

XPC-06 Programs
00* Jung Gliss JS 
01* Tamburas   JS 
02* Gendar     JS 
03* Shakuhachi JS 
04* Afromallet JS 
05* VoodooSong 
06* Koto 1     JS 
07* WindBells  AT 
08  In Kashmir JS 
09* EthnoHouse JS 
10* Koto Gliss JS 
11* Taj Mahal  JS 
12* FingerBell JS 
13* Shaku 1    JS 
14* Log Rattle JS 
15* Night Life JS 
16* Santur 
17* Bell Loop  VDA 
18  Monastery  JS 
19  TempleGong JS 
20* MandlinTrm 
21* Sitar 1    JS 
22* Shouko     JS 
23* Quanz      JS 
24* ClayMallet JS 
25  Tooter     JS 
26  Banjomania JS 
27* ThaiBells  JS 
28* China Bow  JS 
29* Ethnic Hit JS 
30* Bambremoro JS 
31* SplitSitar JS 
32* Gamelan    JS
33* Clay Flute VDA 
34* Kalimba 1 
35  Crickets 1 AT 
36* Mr. Uood   JS 
37* Tambourine JS 
38* MistyMoon  JS/AT 
39* TaikoRide  JS 
40* Rhythm     JS 
41  Syntar     JS 
42  Gendars    JS 
43  The Bottle JS 
44* Kalimba 2 
45  Old Lore   AT 
46* Koto 2     JS 
47* SynVoxBell AT 
48  Long Ago   JS/AT 
49  Tibet Gong JS 
50* TheHeavens AT/PD 
51* Sitar 2    JS 
52* MusicBoxes JS 
53* Harmonium  JS 
54* HardMallet JS 
55  Fluttering AT 
56* Dulcimer   JS 
57* Chimes L&R JS/AT 
58* DeepCanion JS 
59  TunedPercD)JS 
60* Dreamscape AT 
61* Sitar 3 
62* Gendar Box 
63  ChiffFlute JS 
64* NewMarimba JS 
65  Flute FX   AT 
66* Koto 3 
67* DeepForest JS 
68* Providence JS 
69* SteelDrum1 JS 
70* TheSunrise JS/AT 
71* Sitar 4    JS 
72* BrushBells 
73* Tin&Wood   JS 
74  ThumbPiano JS 
75* AlienSnake AT 
76* SanturPf   JS 
77* Bellfry    JS/AT 
78* EthnoKill  JS 
79* Bell Noise JS 
80* Rhythm Hit JS/VDA 
81  Sitar 5 
82* GendarBell JS 
83* MixdReeds  JS 
84  Mallet Mix JS 
85* Thing Rise AT 
86* Uood 1     JS 
87* BreathBell JS 
88* Invader    JS 
89* BamboBlock JS 
90* TheRainMen JS 
91* TamburaMix 
92* BurmaBells 
93* SynShaku   JS 
94* TalkDrum   JS 
95* HellTribe  JS 
96* Kalimbass  JS 
97* Shakubells JS 
98* EthnoBrass JS 
99* SteelDrum2 JS
* = Indicates Program uses XPC-06 PCM Card
Effect Dynamic Modulation Control Source:
JS=Joystick, SL=Value Slider, At=AfterTouch, VDA=VDA EG, PD=Foot Pedal
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 XPC-06 Card

XPC-06 Combinations
00  OutOfIndia  JS 
01  UnderWorld  JS 
02  BellyDance 
03  EthnoPower  JS/AT 
04  MaxKalimba  JS 
05  The Orient 
06  Down River  JS 
07  TheSunrise  AT 
08  DawnVoices  JS 
09  TeknoDrums  JS 
10  King Sitar JS/AT 
11  Wet Lands  JS/AT 
12  BamnbooReed JS 
13  Mt.Everest 
14  LandOfBali JS 
15  Koto&Hits  AT 
16  NightTrain AT 
17  Pacifica   AT 
18  Echoings   AT 
19  EthnicDuet AT/VDA 
20  Maharaja 
21  Atlantica  AT 
22  Bangkok    AT/VDA 
23  MegaSynth  JS 
24  ByTheRiver AT 
25  StereoKoto JS 
26  Hits&Comps JS 
27  In Greece 
28  MistySynth JS 
29  TunedDrums JS 
30  Mr.Raga    JS 
31  Serengeti 
32  China Orch JS
33  BellPad 
34  MysteryMlt 
35  Santurian  JS 
36  TribalBell JS  
37  Swirling   AT 
38  AsianTouch JS 
39  Bahamas    JS 
40  IndianStar JS/AT 
41  TheOutBack JS/AT 
42  Orch Trem  AT 
43  Ethno Comp JS/AT 
44  5thKalimba JS 
45  Oriental   JS 
46  JavaRhythm JS 
47  Old Tales  AT 
48  ChimeFlute JS 
49  ShakuDance AT 
50  Raga Bells JS 
51  Zombies    JS 
52  OrchSwitch JS 
53  AsianWaves JS 
54  GardenBelz JS 
55  Shakuhachi JS 
56  Rain Hits  JS 
57  Travelers  AT 
58  JudgmntDay 
59  Ethnoism   JS 
60  7th Wonder JS 
61  Himalayan  JS/AT 
62  The Mask   JS/VDA 
63  ChiffFlute JS 
64  Stone Perc JS 
65  Hackbrets  JS
66  Bambrhythm JS 
67  Tremolons  JS 
68  Lite Rains JS 
69  Ethno Orch JS 
70  Curry Land 
71  TheRattler JS 
72  PagodaPals 
73  TambourPad 
74  VelKalimba AT 
75  Onsen      JS 
76  ChugaChuga JS 
77  Discovery 
78  PluckedAir JS 
79  Trinidad   JS 
80  IndianWind JS 
81  The Safari AT 
82  WorldOrch  JS 
83  DigiPad    JS/AT 
84  PercSticks JS 
85  Mikando 
86  AirGardens JS 
87  Horizons   JS 
88  FujiDreams JS 
89  TeknoCongo JS 
90  CultureMix JS 
91  BugsAtNite JS/AT 
92  TaiSticks 
93  FatherTime 
94  MysteryBel 
95  Burmeese   VDA 
96  PercyTrems JS/AT 
97  HeartBeats JS/AT 
98  Sea Winds  JS/AT 
99  Old Banjo  JS
Effect Dynamic Modulation Control Source:
JS=Joystick, SL=Value Slider, At=AfterTouch, VDA=VDA EG, PD=Foot Pedal
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XPC-06 Card

XPC-06 Sequences
Demo Sequence "Ethnoworld" by Jack Hotop, Jordan Rudess, and Noritaka Ubukata

All Data Produced by Jack Hotop, Stephen Kay, and SHOUFUKU(Noritaka Ubukata & Hiorohiko Fukuda)

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