App and Web Management
Because Sooner or Later, All Applications and Web Sites Crash

You’ve launched a new app or web site…or maybe you’ve added e-commerce. Or a mobile version of your brand. Or, maybe you had an idea for a new game, fitness or educational app to sell via iTunes or Amazon.   All of these are challenging efforts and if you’ve developed one, congratulations!  

But now, who is going to manage and safe guard it? It’s unlikely that the person or company who created it is going to manage and maintain it.

Managing apps means:

  • Updating security patches on time
  • Staying current with the latest viruses and making sure you’re free of them
  • Monitoring performance to ensure smooth operations and satisfied customers
  • Maintaining on regular schedule
  • Watching traffic patterns and balancing the loads with the capabilities of your server.
  • Being there to answer the phone whenever one of your team or customers has a problem. (Indra has real, live people based in Colorado who can walk a caller through problems)

All this and more is the unsexy side of owning a live, non-static application or site. Doing these things is critical to the security of your network and your users. It is the only insurance you have that your application will continue working smoothly and effectively.

Indra is the perfect partner for you, whether you’re in the development phase (best), or almost ready to launch (better late than never). We’re the right call to make even if you’re up and thought you were running until someone called to tell you your site is down, or their transaction didn’t work, or that they’re getting error messages when they try to hit an order button. We wish we didn’t get so many requests at this stage, but we’re happy to help.

Please contact us if you want to be sure:

  • Your app/web site goes up and stays up
  • Your get a real live smart person when you call for help
  • Your customers don’t encounter problems that leave them dissatisfied

Indra’s services are designed to provide peace of mind and room to focus on your customers and your business.

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What People Are Saying

  • I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you all for an outstanding job with our transfer of service to Indra. Without your tremendous attention to detail we would have experienced costly downtime.

    Sean O’Leary
  • Indra consistently goes above and beyond to meet our needs. They are always fast and reliable.

    Susan Frank, COO, Entertainment Industry Foundation
  • I'm a customer because when I need special services I can call Indra and get them.