Colocation by Indra
Today, all businesses need to be sure their servers and their data are safe.

Not just technologically safe, but physically too. For most, the answer is Colocation, which is simply putting existing servers or adding back up servers in a separate location. That second (or third) location must be secure, convenient and accessible 24/7.


Indra – Safe, Secure, Centrally Located

Indra’s TIA-942 & SSAE16 II-compliant datacenter is:

  1. low-profile, secure and environmentally controlled.
  2. multi-homed on CenturyLink and Level 3 fiber.
  3. easily accessible 24/7 in our convenient Boulder, CO location.

Located well above Boulder’s flood plain, and geographically protected from most natural disasters, our datacenters feature:

  • Raised floors
  • Clean power
  • Ceiling-mounted tray network distribution
  • Short and long-term power redundancy
  • Large entry doors and hallways to facilitate easily moving equipment in and out.

Our primary location is just 45 minutes from the Denver Airport, and just over a mile from Colorado’s Highway 36, making it convenient to get to from anywhere in the state, or elsewhere in the country.


Flexible Solutions

Indra provides highly flexible and scalable solutions to fit any client’s needs. These are the three most common configurations:

  • Traditional Colocation – clients own and manage servers
  • Managed Colocation – client owns and Indra manages servers
  • Leased Equipment Colocation – Indra provides and manages servers

 Indra’s flexibility extends to Install Sizing

  • SFF, per-U, quarter/half/full-rack, multi-rack, cage


Disaster Recovery

Our secure location is an ideal choice for a DR installation. Extended redundancy is available via a secondary Infra operated datacenter site.


Network Operations Center (NOC)

Our on-site NOC is manned 7 days a week by highly experienced, level 1, 2 and 3 staff with both on-site and remote hands capability, available 24×7, every day of the year.


Systems Monitoring

We have comprehensive monitoring of all core infrastructure. These include power, environmental and networking facilities, allowing our staff to respond immediately to any abnormal conditions. Our monitoring system can be extended to cover client equipment and services allowing for rapid remote-hands or consulting services, and immediate client notification by SMS and email.


Private Networking and Cross-Connected Circuits

Indra has both CenturyLink and Level 3 MOE (Metro Optical Ethernet) nodes available to provide physically secure, private backnet capabilities via EVC (Ethernet Virtual Connection) for any colocation client. We can also cross-connect client owned circuits of any type desired (DS1s, DS3s, etc), delivered over either fiber or copper.


World-Class Security

Our facility offers a number of security measures including on-site presence 7 days a week.

Indra’s security systems are constantly monitored at remote locations. We use a comprehensive CCTV system with motion sensing and auditing to record activity both within and around the perimeter of our facility. Event footage is retained for a minimum of 6 months.

All of our colocation clients are provided with photo ID security badges. No one enters any of our datacenters without an Indra-issued badge and an Indra staff member present.

We house our core networking and server equipment in a physically separate datacenter to which only Indra staff have access. Managed colocation and virtual/cloud client equipment is likewise located in a separately secured space. This area is inaccessible to everyday Colocation client traffic.

Some clients want extra security as well. We offer these clients locking cabinets in half and full-rack configurations. These are within the primary colocation datacenter.

Indra is situated across the street from the Boulder County and City 911 emergency call facility as well as other law enforcement buildings. This means police presence is always less than a minute from our primary location.

Our facility is far from any forest fire risks and well above flood plains. We were untouched by Colorado’s massive September 2013 flood. Protected by nearby mountains, we are also very safe from tornadoes.


Fire Detection & Suppression

Fires in a datacenter are rare, but Indra is prepared. We have a multi-zone, double throw, aqueous fire suppression system with high-temp sprinkler heads. The system is non-pre charged, which means the lines are filled with compressed air under normal conditions, eliminating accidental release if damage is done to a sprinkler head.



Primary electrical grid service is connected to our building at two redundant, underground locations.

Indra maintains a Liebert live UPS system that covers all of our datacenters. Backup power generation is provided by a Cummins diesel generator with significant on site fuel storage. In the event of a primary outage, transfer to backup UPS and generator facilities is fully automatic. All equipment is monitored and under comprehensive maintenance schedules. An emergency plan of action for continuous generator operation by diesel delivery is in place to cover major natural disasters.


Network & High Speed Connectivity

Indra maintains redundant layer-3 network connectivity via multiple upstream peers. All of our upstream connectivity and business-class client loops ride layer-2 fiber provided by either CenturyLink or Level 3 (or both if preferred). Our core networking is redundant across these independent fiber providers, with separate paths into our building.



Cooling and environmental controls are provided by redundant Liebert CRACs and several independent rooftop split systems providing datacenter-class reliability and monitoring.

Our primary HVAC systems are augmented by multiple industrial-grade portable units. These are used during maintenance periods as well as to cover any unexpected down time. All HVAC systems are supported by our backup power infrastructure.



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What People Are Saying

  • I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you all for an outstanding job with our transfer of service to Indra. Without your tremendous attention to detail we would have experienced costly downtime.

    Sean O’Leary
  • Indra consistently goes above and beyond to meet our needs. They are always fast and reliable.

    Susan Frank, COO, Entertainment Industry Foundation
  • I'm a customer because when I need special services I can call Indra and get them.