01/W Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get the factory presets back?

Many 01 owners will, at some point, "lose" all their Sounds. This is common when the internal battery dies. Mild panic rises, and they may scurry to find a floppy disk (if their 01 has a disk drive) from which to load the original factory Sounds.

Relax. All the factory settings are stored internally in ROM. These settings fall roughly into four categories: Combinations, Programs, Drum Kits and Global.

Combis, Progs, and Kits can be loaded from ROM by using Global Mode Page 7.

Re-loading the Global settings requires a complete re-initialization of your 01/W. This will wipe out everything in Active Memory, including Combis, Progs, Kits, and all other settings. After initializing, you must go to Global Mode Page 7 to load all your Combis, Progs, and Kits.


If you restore all the factory presets, all your existing Drum Kits, Programs, and Combinations will be erased. If you want to keep them, save them somewhere (to the 01's disk, or over MIDI to another device).

How to Re-initialize Your 01/W

(from page 126 of the Percussion Manual)

If you REALLY want to reset your entire 01 to the way it came from the factory (all settings, not just Prog/Combi/Drums):

How to Re-initialize Your 01/W
1 Turn off your 01
2 Press and hold the COMPARE and RESET buttons
3 Turn on your 01
4 Continue holding COMPARE and RESET down.
You will see your ROM number and revision date briefly in the bottom-left corner.
After that, you will see Combi "A00 Init Combi" in the display.
5 Release the COMPARE and RESET buttons

All your Progs, Combis, and Drums have been erased. You will probably want to re-load the Factory Settings. Do this in Global Mode, Page 7.

Is the "0" in 01 the number "0" or the letter "O"?

The number zero. Look at the serial number sticker on the back panel where it says "MODEL  01/W". You can see the letter "O" in "MODEL" is wider than the "0" in "01/W".

Why is it called "01/W"?

The rumor is that Korg's Marketing department planned to call it the "M10", building on the popularity of the "M1". When they presented the new synth to the president, the marketing guy pulled out a document with a big "M10" on the cover and laid it on the desk. But because the president was sitting opposite the marketing guy, the cover appeared upside down, and the president read it as "01W". He liked that better, and the new model name was born.

Whenever I turn power on to my 01 it always comes up with "A00 DawnOfTime" in the display. Is there some way I can get the 01 to remember where it was when I turned it off?

No. The 01 will always power-up in COMBI mode and with Combi A00 in the display. However...

You can re-assign any Combi you want to A00. If you find you use a particular Combination most of the time, you can put that Combi into A00 and put DawnOfTime where the old Combi was. You can do this in EDIT COMBI Mode on Page 9. You can also do the same thing in PROG Mode (put your most-used Prog in A00 or B00. Besides saving time, the big advantage of doing this is saving wear and tear on your panel buttons.

What's the difference between 01/W models?


Versions of the Korg 01/W: Features
Model # of
# of
Drum Sounds
# of
Mbits of
01R/W 0 119 255 48 no no keys 7,000
01/W 61 119 255 48 no no 7,000
01/Wfd 61 119 255 48 yes no 48,000
01/Wpro 76 128 256 80 yes no 48,000
01/WproX 88 128 256 80 yes yes 48,000

Physical & Electrical Specifications

Versions of the Korg 01/W: Physical & Electrical Specifications
English (inches & pounds) Metric (millimeters & kilograms) Power
Model Width Depth Height Weight Width Depth Height Weight (Watts)
01R/W 17.0 16.0 3.6 10.9 430 405.3 89 4.9 11
01/W 41.8 13.6 4.6 29.8 1,059.5 344 115.5 13.4 20
01/Wfd 41.8 13.6 4.6 30.9 1,059.5 344 115.5 13.9 20
01/Wpro 49.9 13.6 4.6 36.7 1,266.5 344 115.5 16.5 20
01/WproX 58.1 20.3 5.4 78.3 1,475.0 514.5 136.5 35.2 20
(Inches and pounds calculated from mm and kg specifications. Rounded up to nearest tenth.)

There is also a difference in the way the 01 family members respond to certain MIDI messages. For example, the "Universal System Exclusive Messages (Device Inquiry)" sent by the 01 includes a code for different "family" members (for example, 03=01/WproX, 04=01/Wpro). (For details visit Universal System Exclusive Messages).


The 01R/W is also different with these settings: Key Transpose, Velocity Curve, and Aftertouch Curve. The 01W Owner's Manual doesn't say what those differences are (see Dump Global and Dump All Data in the Owner's Manual).

SysEx dumps from an 01/W to an 01R/W are said to be easy. The only hitch might be one of the settings that are different between the two (transpose and curves as mentioned above). This means it's easy for you to send custom Progs/Combis/Sequences from an 01/W to an 01R/W in a rack somewhere.


The 03R/W was Korg's way of having a General MIDI (GM) synth on the market until the follow-up to the 01 appeared. It is a sound module that powers-up with GM Progs and Drum Kit in the proper GM Program numbers (which is totally different from the 01.) I've been told the 03 has 100 Combis and 100 Progs (same as those in the 05R/W and X5/X5D) plus a bank of 128 GM Progs and several drum kits.

The 03 has other differences from the 01, like no waveshaping and no floppy drive. The 03 is NOT SysEx compatible with the 01.

Prog/Combi Cards

The 03R/W has some 01 Multi-Sounds and some unique to the 03. This means that any Prog/Combi cards made for the 03 will likely not sound right in an 01 (even if they use the same PCM card). In fact, I've been told the Prog/Combi card for the 03 will not work in the 01 - you will get a "No data/card" message. The 03 uses "UPC" cards but the 01 uses "XPC" cards.

PCM Cards

The 03 uses the same PCM cards as the 01. There are no separate PCM cards for the 03.


The 05R/W is a rack-mount version of the X5. No 01 compatibility.

Sequencer Problems

The most common questions come from those using the 01 with a computer-based sequencer for the first time.

The most common answer is: You must be in SEQuencer Mode to be able to use 16 tracks.

For more sequencer info, go to the list of on-line topics.

Demo Sequences in 01s without a floppy drive can take up memory. You may want to erase demo sequences to free up space for your own Songs.

Whines, hums, and other noises

Whines, hums, and other noises have been traced to these sources:


Owner's Manuals and Quick guides are at www.korg.com/SupportResults.aspx?productid=631

Korg UK has/had free downloads for the 01/W at http://www.korg.co.uk/support/downloads/01wfd_dl.php. Here's what they had the last time I checked [2012Sep12]:

Quick Guide "Part 1 of the owners manual supplied with the keyboard. Created 2005 Aug 16, Size 9.43 Mb."
Owners Manual "Part 2 of the owners manual supplied with the keyboard. Created 2005 Aug 16, Size 8.37 Mb."

This page also had Sound downloads:

Sounds Data "01/W FD Standard Factory Preload. This is a copy of the standard factory preload data that was contained in FILE A on the 01/W FD preload disk. Although 01/W's can be reloaded via their Global mode, this data file gives you the demo sequences by Stephen Kay. Created 2005 Mar 05, Size 0.28 Kb."
01/W General MIDI Sound Set "This is a set of 128 General Midi sounds and a GM drum kit that can be loaded into the 01/W via midi. Created 2005 Mar 05, Size 0.06 Kb."
01/W Pipe Organ Sounds "This is a set of 100 new pipe organ programs & combis that can be loaded into the 01/W via midi. Created 2003 May 05, Size 0.14 Kb."
01/W FD Standard Factory Preload (Sysex) "The file 01wgm.sys is MIDEX format and contains the raw MIDI system exclusive data (Starts F0 and ends F7). Created 2006 July 17, Size 0.07 Kb."

Non-Korg sources:

Marshall Parts has manuals and parts.

Parts Is Parts.

Rogue Music.

Route 66 Studios.

Internet Resources for the 01W

Users Group

The site has Programs to download, links to visit, and archives.

Korg Forums is not 01-exclusive but may have valuable threads in their archives (like about replacing the backlight of the your display).

This list of useful links was provided to the Users Group by "John" on 13Sep25. (Some links may be dead; I haven't been checking.):

General Synth Sites that include the 01


SynthZone covers many different synth manufacturers. The Korg area is divided into two sections. A list of links to many different resources is at www.synthzone.com/korg.htm. There are discussion groups at www.synthzone.com/discuss.htm.
99Feb12 note: SynthZone requires you to register in order to post questions to the discussion group, but you don't need to register just to look at the postings.

Korg 01/W List .

Previously called Vienxu. User comment: "Vienxu has numerous sound banks available as diskimag (PC only) and .zip files. That should all but preclude a need for the others."

(Parts Is Parts )

Has manuals, AC power cords, and Korg apparel.


The manufacturer of your synth has a web site at http://www.korg.com. Of particular interest is the accessories page at www.korg.com/Products.aspx?ct=9. That's where Program disks, pedals, and manuals are found. You can also send e-mail to Korg (on a different page). You can also try http://www.korgusa.com/service.

Several 01 resources are at: http://www.korgcanada.com/eng/resources/resources.asp.

Downloads are also at http://www.korguksupport.co.uk/page.cfm?pageid=357. As of 09Jun04 there were four: The original Demo sequence that came on floppy disk, a set of GM Progs with GM drum kit, a set of 100 Pipe Organ Progs, and '01/W FD Standard Factory Preload (Sysex)'.

New "Sounds" (Programs and Combinations)

Users often want to get new "Sounds" for their 01. Technically, new Sounds (capital "S", meaning Multi-Sounds, or sound samples) require a new PCM Card. This, in turn, will require its own set of Progs and Combis. If that's what you want, visit the PCM Page of this site.

It's much easier and cheaper to get new Progs and Combis that are based on the built-in Sounds. Creative 01ers have made impressive Progs/Combis using these. Progs/Combis are available on disks and/or can be downloaded over the internet.


Great Sites! http://korg01w.vienxu.com/ and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/korg01w-list. [14Sep11]

Korg Forums has SysEx downloads for the 01 at http://www.korgforums.com/?show=1. [09Jul23]

Make your own

Start with any Prog, press EDIT PROG, and start making changes. The original Prog won't be lost unless/until you press REC/WRITE. Even if you lose the Prog by accident, you can always get the original Factory Prog back in Global Mode, Page 7.

If you have a sound editor, you may be able to use that. As one user suggested: "If you can make use of a librarian program such as Logic Audio's Soundiver, the random patch generator functions can keep you busy with new patches for a decade." [02Mar26hph]


Kid Nepro Productions

User Comment: "You can buy reasonably priced banks from www.kidnepro.com/ if you must. I bought some DW8000 sounds there and was well pleased. In addition, that'll give you many more good jumping-off points for a random patch generator." [01Sep28hph]

(Pro Rec)

01 sounds for samplers are at (Greytsounds Sound Development ).

Korg: The official Korg disks that were once (are?) available from Korg for $15 each:

Editors & Librarians


Soundtower sells these editors.01WEdit sells for US$35 (used to be sold by Intelios). It reportedly runs under Windows (95 or higher).

User comment: "01WEditPro includes a random patch generator that's alleged to be the bomb." It reportedly runs under Windows XP. [01Sep28hph]

For details, visit: http://www.soundtower.com/synth/01w.htm or www.synthzone.com/korg.htm


Free. Reportedly runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. Visit: www.mossgrabers.de/Software/ChangeIt/ChangeIt.html.

PCG Tools

PCG Tools is a free librarian (with some editor functions) specialized for use with the 01/W. It works on PCG and other files that are used by Korg workstations, synthesizers, and maybe newer Korgs.

(PCG files are used for programs, combis and set lists, global information and more.) Visit: http://pcgtools.mkspace.nl


Emagic developed an editor called Soundiver. Apparently the company was bought by Apple, who is reported to have discontinued the Windows version. The Mac version can be seen at MacMusic.org.


For the Mac: Soundlib (one user called it a "great librarian"). No other information available.

Disk Copying Utility


A program unique to the 01/W, it lets your computer read 01-formatted (not DOS) disks. For details, see the Files Page of this site.

System Exclusive (SysEx) - to - Program Names

There are two programs that will take 01/W SysEx files and dump Program names to a text file. A free program is at http://korg01w.vienxu.com/. Download http://www.vienxu.com/korg0/files/ppp4.zip.

This function also comes in 01EditPro at http://www.soundtower.com/synth/01w_page.htm.

MIDI Samples

This is not just for the 01, and I know nothing about these products. There are things called MIDI samples, SMFs of real musicians playing different instruments. You can drop these mini-sequences into your own sequences. The one outfit I heard of, Twiddly Bits, is at (http://www.midisamples.com/).