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How to Get Better Piano Sounds. 
How to make your piano sound old and beat-up. 
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Piano Keyboard Card Set (XSC-3S) 
-    XSC-803 PWM samples 
-    XPC-03 Programs 
-    XPC-03 Combinations 
-    XPC-03 Sequences

01 users can really debate piano sounds. Some are happy with the built-in sounds, others are not. Pianos, like all instruments, are very much a personal taste. After reading dozens of e-mails on this topic, here are some of the suggestions.

How to Get Better Piano Sounds

1. Before you start spending money, try editing the Prog yourself. For example, the two basic pianos (A01, B01) have effects turned on. Try turning them off! (EDIT PROG, Page 8). In the 01/Wpro, both pianos have chorus and reverb, and the chorus really blunts the attack.

Some suggest changing the VDF setting (EDIT PROG, Page 2, Line 1). The factory default is 7. Values from 9 to 20 or 25 may lessen any dullness.

If you want a more rock-sounding piano, try adjusting the Velocity Sense for both the VDF (Page 2) and VDA (Page 4).

If you can't get a sound you like, your options include:

2. Get an 01/Wpro or proX. Notice in the Versions table that the pro models have 32Megabits (4MB = 4 MegaBytes) of additional PCM memory. The added memory holds 9 more Drum Sounds plus one Multisound, a piano that reportedly sounds much better than the piano in non-pro models. If you can't or don't want to buy a pro...

3. Get a Piano/Keyboard PCM Card . Korg sold this card that plugs in the PCM DATA slot to add new Sounds. Korg literature says the PCM Card and 01/Wpro samples are the same, so if you already own a pro or proX, getting this card will not change your piano sound (though you will get samples of other instruments).

4. Get a small rack-mount sound module (a synth without the keyboard), bolt it to your 01, then run a MIDI cable from the 01 MIDI OUT to the sound module MIDI IN. You may have to play around with the controls to get everything to work, but it may be cheaper and easier than getting an 01 PCM card.

5. Get some new Progs (not Multi-Sounds). For example, the GM disk has six different piano Progs on it. You might find one you like or edit one to your liking.

User Tips

Pictures and instructions for programming the 01 MIDI piano (A1 Bright Piano) and PCM Card piano (C81 CloseGrand) were put together by Robert Viands at his NoGodForMe site. Although C81 needs the PCM card, the settings may work for the 01w/pro and 01w/proX, which have the same piano sample as the PCM card.

Q: Can anyone direct me to a source for a convincing GRAND PIANO sound for the O1/W? The factory piano sounds leave much to be desired, especially richness in the lower octaves.

A: Build a new Combi this way: layer both the 8 and 16 Piano Programs, mixed to fairly equal levels. Add in a bit of Strings 07 at a lower level to taste, which gives it a little extra beef that adds to an illusion of acoustic resonance and will appear as a separate element only when you hold a chord for a while. It's an addition without being a too-prominent piano-&-strings mix of the type you hear so often. Run it through the Exciter and either Room or Hall reverb in series. Tweak the EQ to boost the bass a bit, it'll speak up!

I should take the time to post the major parameters of this Combi I use as a solo voice. It has a touch of honky-tonk to it, maybe, and is a bit bright, but it's still powerful and responds well to fine-tuning. The bass range isn't perfect in its decay characteristics, but it's plenty ballsy.

{Tip from: HellPope Huey, hellpopehuey@subgenius.com, 2001Aug05}

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Piano Keyboard
XSC-3S (XSC-803 + XPC-03)

Korg sold a PCM Card set called Piano Keyboard. (click here for details about PCM cards). This XSC-3S set came with a PCM Card (XSC-803) and Prog/Combi Card (XPC-03). As the sales literature said:

"The PCM card of this practical set contains seven keyboard multisounds, each occupying a large portion of the card's memory. The highlight of the set is a soft, classical-sounding piano with a keyboard response that will topple your notion of what a 'synthesized piano' sounds like." 

"The piano multisound of the XPC-3S PCM card has been added {to the 01/Wpro and proX} as a standard feature."

Detailed lists of the card contents has been compiled from sales literature and detailed submissions from John Rogers. These appear below:
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XSC-803 (Piano Keyboard) PCM Data
XSC-803 (Piano Keyboard) PCM Data
C00  A. Piano 2 Sampled grand piano sound. Best used with classical pieces.
C01  Harpsichord 2 Single-stop version of multisampled harpsichord.
C02  Clav 2 Thick and hot clav sound. Good for Rock/Funk groovin'.
C03  Pipe Organ3 Another version of the church organ.
C04  Tine Piano Its attack is emphasized in the lower range.
C05  Tine Piano LP Loop only of Tine Piano.
C06  Organ 4 Multi-purpose rock organ sound. Useful for a wide variety of sounds in Program/Combination.
Note: The above text is based on "exact text on insert". 
I've made minor edits to aid readability.
Ken's Reminder: The piano samples (Multi-Sound) in the Pro and ProX are different and better than in other 01 models because the 'Pro's use the piano sample from this card. That means if you have an 01/Wpro or proX, this card will NOT change (improve) your piano sound.

User comments
"ALL of the sounds of this card are really outstanding. The piano is an awesome piano sample in all ranges, even today's  technology this sample is really impressive. The harpsichord is really good and realistic. Has a super fat clav, and a very good/useful organ sound, if you have an 01, you need this card!!!!" (2002Jul31, John Rogers)

"I was disappointed by the piano sounds of my 01W (was looking for the M1 style piano but instead we had new and pretty lame samples). I read many good reviews on this XSC-3S card package for the 01W and decided to buy it... Got a very cheap price (35 USD including expensive shipping) and it's worth EVERY penny ! Insert the cards, click 3 times on the Bank smarty and you're all set !" (00Feb14)

"The piano sounds are really nice. Except maybe on the upper keys where the sampling is really weak. But you have at least 3 octaves where to play. Really appreciated the layered piano with smooth pad (#C91 - Nice Piano). This really is a good piano + good pad, and not a very good pad *hiding* a
poor piano. Got so pleased with the pianos that I didn't even investigate on the organs and the clavs...
If you can get a hand on this card, don't hesitate. This really makes it a pleasure for piano chorus." (00Feb14)

... "the *always-heard* M1 typical piano sound is not in this set." (00Feb14)

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XPC-03 Programs
XPC-03 (Piano Keyboard) Programs
00* PianoStrin JS 
01* Card2Piano JS 
02  Soft & Fat 
03* Less Lee   JS/AT 
04* CardClav1  JS 
05  Magic Bell 
06* HouseBass1 
07* Full Pipe1 JS 
08  BX3 Medium JS/AT 
09  Tine Out 
10  Cold Night 
11* Two Pianos JS 
12  Dirty Bows 
13  SoftTrem 1 JS/AT 
14* SnglHarpsy JS 
15  Vibe+MalMT JS 
16  JoeWSPBass VDA 
17* Piper Org. JS 
18  Full Organ JS/AT 
19  NewTines   AT 
20* NonSynLips JS 
21  PianExpres JS 
22* Choir Boys JS 
23* Organ 1    AT 
24  FretedClav
25  WShapeBell 
26  SynthBass1 
27* Full Pipe2 JS 
28  Chorus BX3 AT 
29  Why Piano  VDA 
30  Poly Pad 
31* XfadePiano JS 
32  Orch Brass VDA 
33  Big Cheese AT 
34* FullHarpsy JS 
35  SteelDrum 
36  FatBowBass 
37  OrganReeds JS 
38  Org Prc 4" JS/AT 
39  StingPiano JS 
40  Fantasy II JS 
41  BritePiano JS 
42  BrsSynSwep 
43  SoftTrem 2 JS/AT 
44* Wah Clavs JS/VDA 
45  PingAttack JS 
46  SynthBass2 
47  PipeOrgan2 
48* Rotaring   AT 
49  One Rose   VDA
50  Lub Pad 
51* PianoForte JS 
52  AnaBrass   AT 
53  New Wave   JS 
54* DbleHarpsy JS 
55  Metal Loop 
56  SynthBass4 
57* Piper4Org. JS 
58  M1 PercOrg AT 
59  70's EP    VDA 
60  Room  Kit  JS 
61* FX1 Piano  JS 
62  Trionfale  JS 
63  BuckOrgan  JS/AT 
64* Card Clav2 JS 
65  BellMagic 
66  Seq.Bass   VDA 
67  PipeOrgan1 
68  Green Eyes AT 
69* HardFingerJS/VDA 
70* PalPositio JS 
71  FX2 Piano  JS 
72  Strings PC VDA 
73  Rotarian   AT 
74  Zip Piano  JS
75  ToyPiano   JS 
76  NewSlapBss JS 
77* Piper6Org. JS/AT 
78  Rock Organ AT 
79  ThickPiano 
80  Digi Tine  VDA 
81* CloseGrand JS 
82  Melody&Arm JS 
83  Drawbars*  AT 
84* PhasedClav JS 
85  TineBell   VDA 
86  Elec. Bass 
87  Calliope 
88  Synth BX3  VDA 
89  80's Piano 
90  The End... 
91* Pianospace JS 
92  Orch  Horn JS 
93  Puff EP    VDA 
94* StopHarpsy JS 
95  D 37 & 13 
96  PorkPieHat JS 
97* Full Pipe3 JS/AT 
98  Boomerang JS/VDA 
99  Mr.Tines
* indicates patch uses PCM card Multisound
Effect Dynamic Modulation Control Source:
JS=Joystick, AT=After Touch. SL=Value Slider, VDA=VDA EG, PD=Foot Pedal
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XPC-03 Combinations
XPC-03 (Piano Keyboard) Combinations
00 Jungle Jim SL  
01 L+R Piano  SL  
02 PuffHorns  SL  
03 TwoManual  SL/AT  
04 Harpsi&Ens AT  
05 Dustbells  VDA  
06 Bass $ Pad SL/AT  
07 Postiv 1   JS/SL  
08 RockOrgan1 JS/AT  
09 Tiny Road  VDA  
10 Envelopes  SL  
11 Love Songs VDA  
12 SoftAnaBrs SL  
13 FullOrgan  SL/AT  
14 NewClav    SL  
15 Bell Vibe  SL  
16 SuperSlap  SL/AT  
17 Postiv 2   JS/SL  
18 WSofPale JS/SL/AT  
19 The Tines  SL  
20 Big&Brash  SL  
21 After 12PM JS/SL  
22 HallString SL  
23 The Gospel SL/AT  
24 HarpsiPlus JS/SL
25 ClockWorks SL  
26 FlopHouse  SL  
27 Postiv 3   JS/SL  
28 PercOrgan1 SL/AT 
29 Tine&Pad   SL 
30 Breath Pad SL 
31 Midi Grand SL 
32 Ana Brassy SL
33 Soft Jass  SL/AT 
34 Slap&Clav  SL/AT 
35 WS Bell    SL 
36 Synergy    SL/AT 
37 Mixture 1  JS/SL 
38 GreenEyed  SL/AT 
39 Fine Tine  SL 
40 Ostinano   SL 
41 JustMoving VDA 
42 Large Orch SL 
43 SoapOpera  SL/AT 
44 SnyClavPC JS/SL/VDA 
45 Steel-Band 
46 Bassology  SL 
47 Mixture 2  JS/SL 
48 Jazz&Perc  SL/AT 
49 FM-Piano   VDA
50 Tagalog    SL  
51 Piano&Bow  SL 
52 Big Ending SL 
53 Jass1 Drwb SL/AT 
54 Barouque   JS/SL 
55 Pole&Pad   SL 
56 HybridBass SL 
57 Mixture 3  JS/SL 
58 Full&Perc  SL/AT 
59 PuffPiano  VDA 
60 HomeComing SL 
61 The Pianos SL 
62 Ana Lips   VDA 
63 Jass2 Drwb SL/AT 
64 BigHarpsi  JS/SL 
65 ModernJass JS 
66 SynSplit   SL 
67 Tutti 1    JS/SL 
68 RockOrgan2 SL/AT 
69 SuperEP    VDA 
70 Sin Split  SL 
71 TheClassic SL 
72 Air Ways   SL 
73 Lower&Upr1 SL/AT 
74 Stinger    SL
75 BellXpress SL 
76 Birdman    SL 
77 Tutti 2    JS/SL 
78 OverDrive  SL/AT 
79 Digiano    SL 
80 Delicato   SL 
81 Ping&Sting SL 
82 ScratchPad SL 
83 Lower&Upr1 SL/AT 
84 Old Road   SL 
85 TheNursery SL 
86 West 59th  SL 
87 Tutti 3    JS/SL 
88 PercBars   SL/AT 
89 RealThing  SL 
90 The Freeze SL 
91 Slow Blues JS/SL 
92 Orchestral SL 
93 Regular 1  SL/AT 
94 LightTines SL 
95 BellCarpet VDA 
96 St.James   SL 
97 Mixt~Tutti JS/SL 
98 PercOrgan2 SL/AT 
99 EP&Strings SL
Effect Dynamic Modulation Control Source:
JS=Joystick, AT=After Touch. SL=Value Slider, VDA=VDA EG, PD=Foot Pedal
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XPC-03 Sequences
Demo Song D0  "MIRAGE" performed by Jordan Rudess
Demo Song D1  "THE FIRST CLIMB" performed by Kazuto Shimizu
Demo Song D2  "Cool Track II" Performed by Michael Geisel

All Data Produced by Michael Geisel, Michele Paciulli, and Athan Gillias.

Effect Dynamic Modulation Control Source:
JS-Joystick, AT-After Touch. SL-Value Slider, VDA=VDA EG, PD=Foot Pedal

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